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Our mission is to provide the most efficient, economical and user-friendly Health Savings Account (HSA) program in the nation. 

Whether you are an individual or an employer of any size, our team of knowledgeable HSA Specialists is ready and able to assist you.

Dedicated to Providing Affordable Healthcare

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NEW!  HSAs Thrive in Obamacare!



Despite what many have said, health savings accounts aren't disappearing with the entrance of Obamacare.  In fact, they're thriving

This article from Insurance News Net Magazine is the best-written piece we've come across to date, and does an excellent job explaining the four "metallic" insurance plan tiers that will be available in the exchange.  In all four plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) there is an HSA option available!

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Visit  our media section below to print brochures, listen to audio and watch videos about our HSA program and all the benefits that come with American Health Value!

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AHV Rewards is our brand new, free benefits program designed to help you fund your HSA with cash back rewards from everyday purchases! 

Simply shop online at 1000's of retailers nationwide and start earning real cash back to deposit into your HSA! 

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Vince & Maria Corsi

Louisville, KY

Robin has been a terrific help to us in explaining our HSA accounts (contributions, min, max, etc.) that we currently have.  We specifically keep her name and number i ...

Avis Quinlan

San Juan Capistrano, CA

I have been a member of American Health Value for close to 20 years and have nothing but the utmost respect for each and every one of their staff.  They are int ...

Karrol Williams

Baker, MT

Chasity, thank you soooo much for your help.  You have been very helpful and accommodating in getting my problems fixed.  Please forward this to your supervisor as I fee ...

Juanita Melton

Administrative & Contracts Manager
Greenville, IN

Fran is the best!  If there is a way to get something done with a health savings account, she knows it.  Thanks F ...

Glennie Henry

Swanzie, NH

Steffani, thank you so much for correcting this information for me.  You have saved me and my family a great deal of time and money.  Please pass this email on to your ...


Boise, ID

I'm so impressed with your prescription discount card!  I just had a prescription filled that retails for $75.  I handed the Rite Aid pharmacist my insurance compan ...

Alex Chai

Billings, MT

My name is Alex Chai and I recently contacted American Health Value to ask about my account.  I wasn't even sure it was active anymore since I had not used ...


Malden, MA

Steffani, thank you so much for your assistance with all of this.  You and the rest of the staff at AHV are always so accommodating.  You have the best customer service ...

Julie Hester

Reno, NV

Thank you so much for being so awesome at what you guys do.  I have not had one bad experience with anyone here in the past two years.  You guys are organized and you kno ...

Lisa K.

Marlborough, NH


Thanks again for your help today setting up my password and ID.  It was good to get this resolved so quickly, so thanks for making the special effort to ...

Bethany Morgan

Seattle, WA

I love your Free 6-in-1 Discount Card!  While driving one day, I saw a banner from a local dentist advertising a special on a dental cleaning, exam and teeth whitening for ...

Christina Jenkins

Denver, CO

Since I have found this card I have saved over 60% on all my prescriptions.  Money is tight these days and every little bit helps!  I love this card!  Thank you gu ...

Joyce Spencer

Portland, OR

I put off yearly visits to the dentist because I had no dental insurance.  Each annual visit that passed, I worried a little more about what was happening with my dental h ...

Lynn Campean

Sanibel, FL

Comment from a Member to Her Insurance Agent:
My service at American Health Value has for the last five years been wonderful.  They are always pleas ...

Lisa Kerber

New Hampshire


You've been the most helpful, patient, knowledgeable and understanding representative I've ever communicated with, anywhere, and you can share my ...

Juanita Melton

Greenville, IN

Fran I am SOOO glad to have you as a resource. Government regs have always been confusing, but they are becoming even more so now. You have always gone out of your way to m ...

Teri M.

Maumelle, AR

Fran thank you so much for listening to my madness!  I know you played a HUGE role in getting our problems resolved.  I am so thankful for wonderful people like you ...

Pam M.

Salem, SC

"My husband and I talked with your employee Chasity two times today about our Health Savings Account and I wanted to let you know that you hit the jackpo ...
Andrew Wise

Los Altos Hills, CA

I have been a satisfied customer with your firm for well over five years.  Your staff always delivers patient, knowledgeable, prompt and courteous service, bot ...

David Hassan

Flower Mound, TX

My company opened HSA accounts with American Health Value in 2008.  In the fall of 2011, I decided to move the HSA accounts to the "Big Bank" where I co ...