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Monday, December 22, 2014

Twas the week before New Years
and all through the land
we were bundled up dreaming
of our toes in warm sand…

The tax files were filed,
piled high on our desk,
in hopes that when tax time arrived
we’d  be up to the test.

The tax deduction papers were filed with great care,
showing receipts to charity, medical…
and lastly… home repair.

While on the horizon tax time was looming…

Father snoozed comfortably in his big chair,
with visions of tax breaks…
that all seemed so fair.

As he snored he dreamed of his list of deductions,
and checked off each one…
with great care and comfort.

First were the kids,
Three, Two and One…
then Goodwill, the mission, the food bank
just to name some.

His papers and files,
all neat and clean,
Would make the taxman happy
and not at all mean.

Deductions, deductions
danced about in his mind
there were so many of them,
but did he leave one behind?

His eyes, they flew open!
He smiled a big smile….
there was one last deduction,
it had been there all the while.

Father’s health savings account had fattened each year,
and gave him that tax break he held so dear.
He got his deduction and saved on his taxes.
He got piece of mind and great satisfaction.

Raising Three, Two, and One could be quite a fright,
kids will be kids and oh what a sight!
Accidents, colds and flu, they all happen,
Paying from his HSA gave him great satisfaction.

Like a security blanket keeping them all safe and warm
the HSA dollars kept them safe from the storm.
All of their medical bills will be paid tax-free
For Father, Mother and Kids One, Two and Three.

Blog Written By: Robin Vankleek

Images Courtesy of: Robin Vankleek

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Posted by HSA Admin at 12/22/2014 6:03:00 PM
Entries 1-1 of 1