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Now Working with the Healthcare Choice Coalition

Healthcare Choice Coalition

American Health Value is proud to announce our partnership with the newly formed Healthcare Choice Coalition!

As a founding board member, our President and CEO Michael Berry has aligned our company and its values and services with a group full of business owners, agents/brokers, physicians and consumers that all share a common vision:  protecting the freedom of citizens to choose their own health care, strengthening their relationship with their personal physician, and preserving the free market so consumer-driven health care can flourish and remain viable for the future.
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What's Next?
The Healthcare Choice Coalition's first priority is educating private citizens and their elected representatives about the value of preserving their freedom to choose the health care practitioners, health care services, health insurance plans, health care accounts, and other health care goods and services that provide optimal benefit to them.
We're also committed to educating private citizens, their elected representatives, and regulatory agencies about the legislative and regulatory initiatives that restrict or expand citizens' freedom to make their own health care choices.
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Are you an agent or broker that believes consumer-driven health strategies are the best way to provide optimal value to your clients?  Are you a business owner that wants to be able to keep your HSA or HRA benefit plan in the future?  Are you one of millions of Americans that love your health savings account and want to see the program expand?  The HCC is representing you and your freedoms.
Be an advocate and connect with the Healthcare Choice Coalition on Facebook & Linkedin, or click on the social media buttons below this post to share the cause with friends & family.
We're proud to have the opportunity to join the Healthcare Choice Coalition, and to support and strengthen their efforts to preserve and advance consumer-driven health care.

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Posted by HSA Admin at 5/10/2012 7:27:00 PM
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