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Our New Partnership with My HSA Rewards

My HSA Rewards

All of us here at American Health Value are so excited to officially announce our partnership with My HSA Rewards this week!  We've been working out the details for quite awhile and can finally offer this amazing new program to all our account holders, for free!

What is My HSA Rewards, you ask?

My HSA Rewards is a free cash rewards program designed to help individuals contribute more money into their HSAs via rebates from everyday purchases.  American Health Value account holders may enroll in My HSA Rewards at no cost, and when they make everyday purchases through any of the 500 plus merchants in the program, a portion of their spending will be deposited back into their health savings account!
Think of it as a free and simple way to help you put more money into your HSA by buying things you're already buying!  Anything you purchase at Best Buy, Macy's, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. gives you an instant cash back reward you can turn around and place in your HSA.  There are hundreds of retailers to choose from, and the ability to basically fund your HSA for free by purchasing things you already purchase is a huge benefit.
If you want to get creative, there are also ways you can "double dip" with this program.  For example, let's say you purchase a laptop through Best Buy.  You buy it using your credit card that has its own rewards points or frequent flyer miles system, and you earn your credit card rewards like you would normally.
In addition, if you're also signed up with HSA Rewards you're going to get an instant cash reward back on the other end of the purchase that can be deposited in your HSA as well!  Double dip.  You get the rewards points from your credit card company, and the cash back reward from HSA Rewards that goes into your HSA where it will earn tax-free interest and can be withdrawn tax-free for medical expenses.  It's a totally free program that is simple to use and basically pays you to shop!
You can check out all the retailers that are available in their online mall, and you can see the percentage of your total purchase you'll receive in the form of a cash back reward.  Go check out all the stores, you'll be amazed how many of your favorites are currently offering cash back rewards to HSA Rewards members.  Increase your HSA deposits, your health care dollars, and your retirement savings simply by shopping!

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Posted by HSA Admin at 1/26/2012 7:44:00 PM
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