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AHV at the CAHU 2011 Health Care Summit

CAHU Healthcare Summit 2011

For our first blog post, we wanted to take the opportunity to share what an exciting time we had at the CAHU 2011 Health Care Summit in Burbank, CA!  We actually sponsored this event, and had the pleasure of spending time with two close friends and partners:  Jay Fettig, co-founder of the BATTLE System, and Harry Thal, the unofficial Medicare expert of California! 

It didn't take long for both Harry and Jay to get the hang of things and were helping us hand out information on our Health Savings Accounts, Free Healthcare Discount Card Program, and our Agent-Driven Medicare Lead Development System!


Rebecca with Harry Thal at CAHU 2011

 During the conference, we actually reached out to a man named Michael Reynolds who had tweeted that he was speaking at the show about the impact of social media!  We told him to stop by our booth and say "Hello" after his speech and sure enough, there he was! 

He shot this short video promo for us as a "Thank You" for using social media the way he was discussing in his speech!  Check out the video below with our National Marketing Director Rebecca Messreni and Jay Fettig, co-founder of the B.A.T.T.L.E. System!



When it was all said and done, we made a lot of new friends and reconnected with a lot of old friends as well.  It was a really positive show, and we are really looking forward to working with all the agents we met in every aspect of their business.  It is always an honor and a pleasure to meet face to face with the people who are truly on the front lines of today's health care landscape!

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Posted by HSA Admin at 11/8/2011 9:21:00 PM
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