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Funding Your HSA

By funding your account, you can maximize your tax benefits while setting money aside for either expected or unexpected qualified HSA medical expenses.  

At American Health Value funding your HSA's is simple and easy.  You have three convenient options to choose from:

American Health Value
P.O. Box 8063
Boise, ID 83707-2063
  1. Check by Mail:
    • Complete the HSA Deposit Slip and mail it along with your check to our office:

  2. Online HSA Deposits:
    • Complete a safe and secure Online HSA Deposit using your Visa™ or Mastercard™.
    • If you would like to setup recurring deposits, simply check the appropriate box or call our office at 800-914-3248 for assistance.

  3. Group/Employer HSA Deposits:


Contact Us for further details:

Call:  800-914-3248