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HSA Claims & Payments

One of the most appreciated and beneficial aspects with an HSA, is the ability to pay medical expenses with tax-free dollars.  The IRS sets the guidelines for medical expenses that are qualified under your HSA, and those that are not.  For more detailed information about which expenses are qualified and those that aren't, please visit our page on Qualified HSA Expenses.


TRACKING QUALIFIED HSA EXPENSES Click to Download:  Online HSA Member Guide  

Below is a screenshot of the interactive "Claims & Payments" section of your HSA portal.

Within your American Heath Value member portal, under the "Claims & Payments" tab, you have the ability to add, track and pay your medical expenses and claims. 

For example, you can:

  • Add a claim or expense and pay later.
  • Add the expense and immediately send payment.
  • Schedule one-time payments on the date you determine.
  • Schedule reoccurring payments specifying the number of payments, amount of each payment, and date each payment should be made.
  • Schedule reoccurring payments of equal amounts and on the same date each month by simply clicking on the ‘Divide Payments’ button and the computing will be automated for you.
  • Reimburse yourself from your HSA for qualified payments you made out-of-pocket.  Reimbursements, like payments, can be scheduled specifying the number of reimbursements, the amount and the dates you would like them to be paid out, including which bank account you want them transferred into, i.e., checking or savings.

For more detailed instructions on how to use the "Claims & Payments" function, please download the HSA Member Guide.