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NAVIGATING YOUR HOMEPAGE DASHBOARD Click to Download:  Online HSA Member Guide  

When you login to your HSA account, you will land on the HSA Homepage Dashboard.  Here you can quickly scan an overview of your fundamental account information with Account BalancesQuick Links to common HSA activities, a Resources Guide, and even a "To Do" List.

To access your Homepage Dashboard in your HSA Member Portal, just visit our website and click on HSA Member Login.

Below is a screen shot of the HSA Homepage Dashboard so you can begin acquainting yourself with your HSA Member Portal. From here you can effortlessly navigate the intuitive features built into the overall web design, assisting you in maximizing all the benefits your HSA was intended to provide. 

Features highlighted in the image will be outlined in detail below, so scroll down to learn more about each one!




Account Balances:

At first glance, you will see your HSA account and your investment balance, if you have chosen that option.

By clicking on the individual account type, you are taken to your transaction history.  Here you can view a ledger of items that may be in process such as deposits waiting to clear, pending payments or a debit card transaction that is not yet completed.  Depending on the status of your activity, you are provided with your calculated "Current Available Balance", which is always the most accurate account balance.

In addition, you can view year-to-date contributions (deposits) and distributions (payments) and with a click on either category, you are instantly transported to the details of your transactional history.

Quick Links:

Pay Doctor/Provider:  One click takes you to the payment wizard that will walk you through the various bill pay options and help you decide how you want to treat a particular claim.  For example, you can choose what account you want your payment to come out from. You can decide whether you want to enter the claim and send payment, or just enter the claim without sending payment.  You can add a new provider, or click on an existing provider you previously entered.  You are also able to categorize the expense, and add details to keep your bookkeeping records up-to-date. You have the ability to review your transaction details before authorizing any payments to be sent from your HSA. 

Request Reimbursement:  Clicking on this link takes you back into the payment wizard, this time walking you through the process for reimbursements from your HSA.   You can set up a one-time repayments or schedule recurring reimbursements by number of payments, amount and date.  As with payments out of your HSA to third-party medical providers, you are also able to view/edit details to accurately validate the transaction before authorizing payments to yourself.

TIP:  If you do not have sufficient funds accumulated in your HSA account, you can pay from another account such as your personal checking or savings account and setup the reimbursement through this Quick Link.

Make Contribution:  This link takes you into the contribution wizard, where you will be guided through various options explicit to depositing funds into your HSA through an EFT (electronic fund transfer). 

You can expect the same intuitive guidance experienced in payments and reimbursements such as, the ability to choose what external bank account the contribution comes from, designating what tax year the deposit should be associated with, and including the date and amount of deposit.  Recurring monthly deposits can also be scheduled.

Transaction History:  This link is fairly straightforward in that it allows you to review all your contribution and distribution history.  You will see your transaction details including date, category (contribution or distribution), balance, and more. 

In addition, you have the ability to drill down on an individual payment by simply clicking on it. This can be very handy if, for example, you receive a phone call from a provider about a payment.  You can quickly access your transaction history, identify the payment and click on it to review the details.  

Investments:  One of many benefits associated with an HSA ownership, is the option to invest your HSA dollars for a higher rate of return. Interest earned on your HSA funds are tax-free.

In partnership with our custodial bank, you have the option to choose which level of investment service best suits your individual goals:

  • Self-Driven:  This option puts you in the driver seat managing your own investments and trades.  There are no monthly fees associated with investing your eligible HSA funds on your own.
  • Advisor GPS:  Allows you to manage your own investment funds with expert portfolio guidance such as fund selection and allocation based on your personal investment profile.  Receive portfolio alerts and weekly performance summaries.  You receive the expert advice, while you determine implementation and timing.  There are no fund minimums or trading fees.
    • Monthly Fee:  .05% ($0.50) per $1000 invested.  Subscription based and can cancel at any time.

  • Auto-Pilot:  Provides full-service portfolio management including execution of trades, rebalancing, mutual fund rotation, asset class rotation, weekly summary reports (SEC Compliant), monitoring, alerts by email or text, and more.
    • Monthly Fee:  .08% ($0.80) per $1000 invested.  Subscription based and can cancel at any time.

To Do:

Keeping your HSA records accurate and up-to-date is conveniently done in your Documentation Library within the HSA Member Portal.  Your "To Do" List located on the Homepage Dashboard provides important alerts and reminders of action steps that have not been completed such as, claims requiring payment, receipts not yet linked to an invoice, plus any unread messages within the message center. Below are the classifications associated with the links in the "To Do" List section.

Unresolved Claims:  At a glance, you are notified of any outstanding claims that have to be addressed.  One click navigates you to the "Claims" section of your HSA Member Portal with the ability to view, edit, add, or even make a payment.  You also have the ability to download your ledger of medical expenses into an Excel spreadsheet.  Perfect at tax time!

Unlinked Receipts/Docs:  This link transports you into your HSA Documentation Library where you can track your healthcare expenses that your "To Do" List follows. You simply click on the item you want to address with the ability to assign it to a claim, or make any necessary edits and updates.  You can also add a new item and view all linked medical documentation you have already uploaded.  

Unread Messages:  Notifies you that you have unread messages and alerts.  One click takes you into the "Message Center" where messages are displayed either as new or read.  If the message is a helpful alert, such as adding a beneficiary to your HSA, clicking on the message navigates you directly to the area it relates to, and will intuitively walk you through the process to complete the task.


AmericanHealthValue:  Transports you back to the American Health Value website.  One click puts you in touch with HSA education that can help clarify your options to maximize all the benefits your HSA has available.  It’s important to understand what is allowed and what is not, including what can even disqualify your HSA by federal rules and regulations.

Prescription Pricing Tool:  Every HSA account holder has the option to take advantage of our Healthcare Discount Card providing significant savings on prescriptions, dental, vision, hearing, and more.  Visit this link to learn how the program works, compare prices on prescriptions or request your Healthcare Discount Card, if not already in your possession.

Contact American Health Value:  This link opens into a contact form where you can conveniently email your questions directly to your team of HSA Specialists, while they are fresh in your mind.  We are happy to do the research for you and rest assured, you will receive accurate and up-to-date answers.  Over our 20+ years, we have averaged 97% resolution within the same day of contact.

Medical Journal:  For those of you that are detail oriented and want the convenience of medical events readily available, the "Client Medical Journal" can be your answer.  You have the ability to add notes about any doctor/provider visits, medical diagnoses, procedures, claims, etc.  If it is important to you, simply click on this link and enter it. You can add journals for yourself as well as for a particular dependent, categorize them from a drop down list, and even assign a date.

Imagine yourself easily navigating and interacting with your HSA Member Portal, lowering your overall healthcare costs, receiving all the tax advantages and building your financial future.  Welcome to HSA ownership!