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HSA Member Portal

INTERACTING WITH YOUR HSA Click to Download:  Online HSA Member Guide  

All American Health Value account holders receive their own private and secure HSA Member Portal.  Upon the opening of your health savings account, you are given immediate access to this portal to interact and manage every facet of your HSA.   Your portal is designed to be responsive to all viewing devices including your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and even your mobile phone.

You can access your HSA Member Portal by clicking on HSA Member Login

For security purposes and fraud prevention, when logging in for the first time you will be required to provide primary information to validate your individual account ownership.  Once verified, you will be guided in creating a username and password for accessing your HSA in future logins.


The HSA Member Portal provides a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy, self-service account management.  If you're looking to dig a little deeper, the Online HSA Member Guide provides detailed instructions for interacting with your HSA through the Member Portal.  Although it is quite comprehensive, it does not replace our live HSA Specialists who are always just an email or phone call away.  If we can be of any assistance, just let us know!


AHV Member Portal


Within your HSA Member Portal you have access to the convenience of an intuitive, easy-to-use and multi-functioning online banking platform. 

Features include such things as:

  • Homepage dashboard for complete HSA review at a glance
  • "Quick links" section for one-click navigation to common HSA activities
  • Providing helpful suggestions and alerts, the "To Do" List feature helps you keep your account accurate and up-to-date
  • Year-to-date HSA contributions and distributions are conveniently tracked
  • Free online bill pay feature to issue payments to medical providers
  • Link external bank accounts for ease in reimbursements, contributions, and sending payments for HSA qualified expenses
  • Set-up one time or recurring HSA deposits and/or payments
  • Personalize and update your HSA member profile
  • View and download your monthly and year-end statement(s)
  • Access electronic tax forms
  • Activate your HSA Debit Card
  • Add and view HSA claims and payments
  • Upload and archive documents, invoices and receipts in the HSA Documentation Library.
  • Add, view, update, categorize and print notes about your medical history and that of your dependents within your "Medical Journal"
  • Set up and manage your HSA Investments with one click
  • Conveniently access HSA forms
  • And more!


In today’s world, being able to access, manage and interact with your HSA from your ‘Smart Phone’ is not only convenient but also a necessity to many.  American Health Value has partnered with our custodial bank to offer this service to you.   From iTunes app store or Google Play, you can download this app to your phone for FREE.  To learn more about the features and how to access On-The-Go Mobile HSA banking, view our webpage outlining the HSA Mobile App.