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Vince & Maria Corsi

Louisville, KY

Robin has been a terrific help to us in explaining our HSA accounts (contributions, min, max, etc.) that we currently have.  We specifically keep her name and number in our records so that we can always ask her any questions we may have.  She is courteous and quite knowledgeable about everything we ask her.  If only there were more Robins in life!!!

Avis Quinlan

San Juan Capistrano, CA

I have been a member of American Health Value for close to 20 years and have nothing but the utmost respect for each and every one of their staff.  They are intelligent, and know the law better than any of my accountants.  They go over and above to make sure that you have all of the information you need, whatever the need or question.  I am constantly grateful because they are the only ones I can call to get correct information and answers.

Karrol Williams

Baker, MT

Chasity, thank you soooo much for your help.  You have been very helpful and accommodating in getting my problems fixed.  Please forward this to your supervisor as I feel if it was not for you, I'd be very frustrated at this point.  Thanks for going above and beyond to help me.

Juanita Melton

Administrative & Contracts Manager
Greenville, IN

Fran is the best!  If there is a way to get something done with a health savings account, she knows it.  Thanks Fran, you always keep us in the loop!  I appreciate your advice and your willingness to help our employees!

Glennie Henry

Swanzie, NH

Steffani, thank you so much for correcting this information for me.  You have saved me and my family a great deal of time and money.  Please pass this email on to your supervisors.  I want them to know that you have gone above and beyond for me and it is greatly appreciated.


Boise, ID

I'm so impressed with your prescription discount card!  I just had a prescription filled that retails for $75.  I handed the Rite Aid pharmacist my insurance company's discount card, your discount card & told him to run them both to compare the prices.  American Health Value's discount card blew them out of the water!

With my insurance, the prescription would have cost me $48.  With your discount card, it dropped all the way down to $23!  This card really does save a significant amount of money for people, thank you guys so much!

Alex Chai

Billings, MT

My name is Alex Chai and I recently contacted American Health Value to ask about my account.  I wasn't even sure it was active anymore since I had not used that HSA account for a long time after my insurance situation had changed awhile back.  I was quite pleased with services you provided in years past. 

I ended up talking with Chasity and my conversation with her was extremely helpful.  That phone call was followed up by multiple, timely emails in which all my questions were answered in a courteous, professional manner. 

I'm a busy employer with lots of details to manage every day.  My experience with Chasity was outstanding.  She is a poster child for customer service.  I wish more employers demonstrated the kind of attitude and competency that she did in this process.  She affirmed that using American Health Value was a good decision. 

You guys are doing something right.  If anyone asks about my HSA account, I will definitely refer them to you.


Malden, MA

Steffani, thank you so much for your assistance with all of this.  You and the rest of the staff at AHV are always so accommodating.  You have the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with - really!

Julie Hester

Reno, NV

Thank you so much for being so awesome at what you guys do.  I have not had one bad experience with anyone here in the past two years.  You guys are organized and you know your stuff!

Lisa K.

Marlborough, NH


Thanks again for your help today setting up my password and ID.  It was good to get this resolved so quickly, so thanks for making the special effort to call me back.  You folks at American Health Value are the tops in customer service.  Over the years I have spoken to a number of you, and you all have been unfailingly patient and helpful.  I would recommend you to anyone.

Bethany Morgan

Seattle, WA

I love your Free 6-in-1 Discount Card!  While driving one day, I saw a banner from a local dentist advertising a special on a dental cleaning, exam and teeth whitening for a year.  My daughter was due for a check-up, so before I made the appointment, I checked your website to see if the dentist was listed under your discount program.  It was really easy to find a dentist in my zip code and the dentist advertising the special was listed.

Although I could not use the savings card on the introductory offer, I was able to save over 30% on a $500 bill for other services.  Once I had the codes for the procedures, I called and spoke with a friendly, knowledgeable representative at Dentemax who was able to tell me the exact discounted rate for each procedure.  I confirmed the rates with the dentist's office when scheduling the follow up.  There were no surprises in the cost.

When it was my son's turn for a cleaning, I found another deal for a dental cleaning and exam.  I was very pleased to see that this dental office (different from the dentist I used for my daughter) is also a participating provider with your program.  If he needs follow up, I can use my HSA dollars to pay for the discounted price.  Thanks for this valuable, FREE cost-saving program!

Christina Jenkins

Denver, CO

Since I have found this card I have saved over 60% on all my prescriptions.  Money is tight these days and every little bit helps!  I love this card!  Thank you guys so much!

Joyce Spencer

Portland, OR

I put off yearly visits to the dentist because I had no dental insurance.  Each annual visit that passed, I worried a little more about what was happening with my dental health.  When American Health Value, my HSA Administrator, started offering their 6-in-1 Savings Card I was intrigued. 

I went online and was able to quickly find a dentist in my area who participated in the Dentemax network.  After a few years away from the dentist, I had to have several fillings and a crown.  I knew the repair work would add up fast! When it was all said and done, I was thrilled to find out my "catch-up" dental work ended up being at least 25-30% discounted! 

It feels great to know that I can start a regular schedule with a dentist again because of American Health Value's 6-in-1 Savings Card!

Lynn Campean

Sanibel, FL

Comment from a Member to Her Insurance Agent:
My service at American Health Value has for the last five years been wonderful.  They are always pleasant and return calls and do not pass on service detail to clients, but accept responsibility.  What a wonderful asset for you.  Please continue for the sake of others to do business with this fine outfit!

Marnie Knox

Casa Grande, AZ

I want to praise Sharon for being so much help and being willing to help me in every way she could.  Moving back to Canada was stressful and had lots of roadblocks, problems, and issues but I knew eventually my HSA money would be with me because I knew Sharon had my back.  Sharon was great to work with and went above and beyond the call of duty.  So thank you for having such a lovely person work with you.  She's a credit to your department and your company.  

Lisa Kerber

New Hampshire


You've been the most helpful, patient, knowledgeable and understanding representative I've ever communicated with, anywhere, and you can share my statement with your supervisor.

Juanita Melton

Greenville, IN

Fran I am SOOO glad to have you as a resource. Government regs have always been confusing, but they are becoming even more so now. You have always gone out of your way to make things as accurate and simple as possible, and you've saved many hairs on my head in the process. THANKS!!!

Teri M.

Maumelle, AR

Fran thank you so much for listening to my madness!  I know you played a HUGE role in getting our problems resolved.  I am so thankful for wonderful people like you.  May God bless you for kindness and compassion for your customers!

Pam M.

Salem, SC

"My husband and I talked with your employee Chasity two times today about our Health Savings Account and I wanted to let you know that you hit the jackpot when you hired her. She had such a pleasing, enthusiastic, and sweet voice and demeanor in dealing with us and was eager to help us any way possible.
She answered all of our questions and helped me set up an account in my name. I complimented her at the time and told her she was so sweet in the way she talked to us. She has a gift in communicating with people which is hard to find. I felt she needed to be recognized for her excellent service and this is why I am writing you this letter.
Thank her again from us for her fine service."
Andrew Wise

Los Altos Hills, CA

I have been a satisfied customer with your firm for well over five years.  Your staff always delivers patient, knowledgeable, prompt and courteous service, both over the phone and via email. 

I sincerely enjoy my interactions with Fran Florez.  Her great personality and responsiveness truly make insurance planning enjoyable (if that's possible!).  Her deep knowledge extends from forms and procedures to tax strategies and cash planning - she's truly a one-stop expert.  She listens well to our needs and finds creative approaches to meet them.

Further, Fran's leadership in managing your team's resources has delivered great service from her colleague's, including Steffani, Robin, Chasity, and Lori, along with your partners, dating back to Home Federal, INVEST, and Bancorp.

We are proud to have referred others to share your great service, and Fran personally continues to deliver great service every time.  Our accountant and many of our new employees choose you to help administer our High Deductible Health Plans.  Keep up the good work!

Crystal Gallegos

Glendale, AZ

I initially contacted American Health Value through your website, and Steffani was the representative to get back with me.  Steffani was extremely helpful with not only the quick question that I had, but I feel as though she has gone above and beyond to help get my situation addressed, and has been keeping me posted every step of the way. 

Something that seemed so simple has turned out to be a bizarre situation, and Steffani has handled it with extreme professionalism not only on my behalf, but also towards me as an individual.  I could not say enough kind words to show how appreciative I am of her in this situation.

With her great customer service I will be gloating to others about the phenomenal service American Health Value provides.

David Hassan

Flower Mound, TX

My company opened HSA accounts with American Health Value in 2008.  In the fall of 2011, I decided to move the HSA accounts to the "Big Bank" where I conducted the rest of my banking, thinking that getting everything under one roof would simplify my life. 

My go-to person at American Health Value was Fran, and she helped me through the process of getting the necessary paperwork completed, making the switch as painless as possible.  Fran has always impressed me with her professionalism, competence and friendliness, and she continued to do so even if her efforts were going towards helping a customer go to another institution. 

Fast forward 6 months, and I am painfully aware that moving the HSA accounts has not simplified my life as I had hoped; it had made things much more complicated.  With American Health Value, I can create "set it and forget it" accounts, where the "Big Bank" required me to manually deposit funds each and every month. 

I crawled back to Fran and begged her to take me back.  Thankfully she did, and helped me to reverse my poor decision to leave American Health Value for the "Big Bank".  Thanks Fran for all of your help.

Steve Ellis

Dallas, TX

I wanted to let everyone know just how much I appreciated the work Fran did to solve the problem I was having with my mail order pharmacy.  For the past few days the pharmacy was continuing to say they were receiving a rejection on my card due to lack of funds, when actually the amount had already been deducted from my account.  Because their system said the card was not good they canceled my order. 

Fran contacted the bank and obtained the phone number for the accounting department at the pharmacy, something I was not able to do.  Once Fran made contact with the pharmacy she was able to resolve the problem in one quick phone call. 

The pharmacy has corrected their mistake, and is shipping my prescription overnight at their cost.  Fran is very professional and knowledgeable of her work and I know she is a valuable asset to American Health Value.

Sara Nelson

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana

Steffani, I want to thank you for your help.  You exceeded my expectations and I am extremely happy with the efficient, competent service you provided.  Because of this experience, I have been able to strongly advocate for your company to my co-workers.

Steve Davidson

Libby, MT

Thanks a million for your efficient handling of this matter.  It is rare in this age to receive such friendly and effective customer service.  It is most appreciated!

Anne Daggett

Boise, ID

Today I called your customer service center for some questions regarding my HSA.  Your employee, Chasity, was extremely helpful in that process.  She was very professional on the phone, was able to take action on an issue, and communicated that action to me all within about one hour.  I very much appreciated her prompt attention and professional nature.  Thank you for retaining such an effective employee.

Gail Garabedian

Hollister, CA

I am writing to compliment you on the caliber of your customer service team, as exemplified by HSA Specialist Steffani Morton.  Steffani has helped me with many issues over the past few years.  Each time she has been courteous, responsible, and incredibly responsive.  I became eligible for Medicare last October, and so my relationship with American Health Value is drawing to a close.  I didn't want to leave without saying what a valuable asset your company has in Steffani.

Geoff Finch - Employer Group

Irvine, CA

You have no idea how nice it is to have someone provide unsolicited, positive feedback that a job is getting done! I have no further questions, but you may be of assistance by having a terrific day, including taking yourself out to lunch at your favorite restaurant.

Dr. James Yee

LaGrange Park, IL

For the past two years I have received excellent help from Steffani whenever I have emailed her with a problem.  She promptly responds with great solutions and ideas.  Her emails are professionally written and very respectful. 

I want to acknowledge that Steffani Morton represents AHV very well, and you should be proud of her. 

Julia Darden

San Clemente, CA

Thanks Steffani. It was so nice talking to a real and responsive person who actually recognized my name and was familiar with my account. I expected some telephone tree of options or anonymous voice. Plus, you made a situation that could have been a real hassle quite easy to resolve. Kudos to you and AHV. Great customer service.

Steve Green

Oxford, ME

I have always found the customer service at American Health Value to be outstanding. The team is knowledgeable, incredibly affable, and always helpful. For example, I had a difficult question that Steffani set about researching. She called me back with updates as she did her research before finally calling with an answer. She went above and beyond. My wife had an HSA with a different company, but they were nowhere near as good as AHV so we closed it and opened a family account with American Health Value. I would recommend you guys to anyone.

Tom and Mary Asher

Citrus Heights, CA

JOB WELL DONE!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! You girls (and guys) are great and we pray the future finds you and yours healthy and happy.

William J. Driscoll

San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to write to you today and tell you what an outstanding representative your company has in Ms. Steffani Morton.  I had a problem involving a mistake in coding my MSA contribution.  Steffani not only quickly understood and solved that problem, but she informed me of the various options I had regarding an HSA or even a combination HSA and MSA.  She so clearly described the details involved that I needed very little clarification.  This is especially impressive to me because I work as a learning specialist.  I teach math to students with learning disabilities so I need to be very clear and concise when I explain things.  Steffani was so much more clear than any other customer service person I have encountered, it was almost eerie.  She was also very pleasant and patient.  You at American Health Value are very fortunate to have Steffani working for you.

Ralph Carter

Malibu, CA

Outstanding customer service! It makes such a difference in today's hyper paced, computer automated world to deal with a thinking, feeling human being.

Robert H. Kelly, MD

Fort Worth, TX

I want to write and commend Steffani, one of your customer service representatives who spoke to me on the phone. She had immediate access to all of the account information and showed the kind of excellence in customer care that could not have been better. She deserves your thanks as a representative of you and your company. She certainly has my thanks and commendation.

Leigh Ann Dutridge

Sylvania, OH

I have recently contacted American Health Value, as one of our clients have changed over to a high deductible plan and was interested in possibly setting up an account. I had already made calls to a few other companies; however, the service from your representative, Fran, blew the other companies out of the water! I will most definitely be suggesting American Health Value to our client for his account, and will not hesitate to refer to your company in the future.

Michael R. Alves

Ripon, CA

First and foremost, thank YOU for being so helpful. I also commend your corporation for having a live person deal with us plebeians, that is quite unheard of in this day and age.

Lisa Kerber

Marlborough, NH

Just want to thank you for all your kind and patient help in guiding me through the in's-and-out's of HSAs. You have been unfailingly kind and courteous with my many phone calls. You are the best I've ever encountered in any venue.

Theresa Wolfe Ringer

Fletcher, NC

I just wanted to thank you Fran for being so responsive to our fees issue, both in courtesy and promptness. In this world where customer service seems to be on a rapid decline, it is heartening to work with folks like you and Steffani.

Liz Seckler

San Carlos, CA

Thank you, I appreciate your following through on this item. AHV is as good as customer service gets. I LOVE you guys!

Cheryl Dougan

Watsonville, CA

This is to thank you for having such an exceptional employee as Robin. I had penned a note on my annual billing statement for my account asking some questions pertinent to my account. Robin took the time to thoroughly answer my questions and helped me a great deal. I find it highly unusual these days for an employee to take the time and effort to “go the extra mile.” Robin did just that!

Lucy Solommon

West Hills, CA

Dear Lori: Thank you so very much again for your caring, thoughtful assistance with the taxes. What a great human being you are.

Rich Almgren

Omaha, NE

I want to commend your company and Hilary in particular, on the high level of customer service. I have called occasionally with questions and always hung up the phone knowing that my issues were resolved. My recent experience was with a banking issue charging me an amount I thought to be undeserved. Hilary offered me a better solution and when I called this morning, Hilary was not in yet, but Fran answered my questions without having to ‘grill’ me about past details. That showed an informed staff, ready to help, no matter who took the original call. It is a pleasure to deal with you.

Dale Martin

Lewiston, ID

Thank you very much for the spreadsheet. I wish all people were as diligent as you. You bring great credit upon yourself and your employer. Please thank the owners of American Health Value for the website and the ability to download the forms for use in the field.

James Point

Rogersville, TN

I would like you to know that your employee, Leona, was most helpful to me over the past several months as I attempted to answer questions concerning eligibility for your program. Please pass on to the appropriate supervisors – a job well done by her.